Connections between playing games and finding your own voice

translated by: Eric Barenboim
(any improvement or advice on the translation will be appreciated)

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Luis María Pescetti, introduced by Daniel Goldin
Seminar in FILIJ 2014 (Mexico DF)


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To develop one’s own voice, beyond creativity, means not feel out of place.

Conditions of games and one’s own voice
One condition is that it has to be “true” (it is frustrating to play games with someone who is not playing for real). Nothing serious happens with making mistakes. Players can choose each other, and what game they play. There is no canon on “good playing”, perhaps it has to do with following certain rules, letting go (floating consciousness), and having a good time with the other. Different is to have a match: one rarely speaks, you seek the most effective shots, and there is a goal.
Those same conditions or status, are needed to find our own voice.

Indicators of one’s own voice
– Enthusiasm.
– Relief.
– Sense of ease.
– Desire of sharing, that it is contagious.
– It makes you feel alive.

Five exercises to one’s own voice
1) What caught your attention yesterday?
2) What magical wish would you like it’d come true?
3) What things make you feel out of place?
4) What makes you feel welcome, at ease in your being?
5) Name something external you admire, and something your own you could show to others.

© Luis Pescetti

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