Children are immigrants (1st of 4)

translated by: Eric Barenboim
(any improvement or advice on the translation will be appreciated)

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Children and younglings are immigrants, not in space: in time,
immigrants in a world where grown-ups are citizen.

We can be completely sure that both children and immigrants:

– Don’t want to make mistakes, they hate it.
– Wouldn’t want to be the slowest ones.
– If they could make you like them, without betraying themselves, they’d love it.
– If they could be accepted by the whole group, they’d love it.
– If you, teacher, where their role model… you’d love it.
– If every day was a good day, we’d love it.
– If they could make you cherish them, they’d love it.
– if you could make them cherish you, you’d love it.

If we think ourselves as immigrants, children are looking for…
… the same we’d ask to anyone who introduces us to his country:

to be coherent;
that we don’t lie
that we really believe and love what we do
that we knew more, but on important things
that we don’t mock
that we defend them against injustice
that we don’t act as if everything was perfect, but neither to transmit disenchantment;
to be effective in the world
to be patient with their mistakes, but not to let them get out with all of them;
not to think they’ll believe anything
not to be over-demanding – but neither that we will cheer no matter what;
to be regular folks and treat them like the people they are
and please, that we’ll be as fun as we can be.

© Luis Pescetti

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