The place for mistake

translated by: Eric Barenboim
(any improvement or advice on the translation will be appreciated)

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ilustración: Okif
It’s not that mistakes are meaningless, or that excellency shouldn’t be a goal.
The thing is what denotation we give a mistake
in which prospect we frame it.
Let’s not take a small picture, don’t spare on zoom.
Borges said of an author: “anyone could correct any of his pages – but nobody could ever write a paragraph like him”, what matters is the finding, the accomplishments.

Without mistakes we wouldn’t know what there is to improve.
You may say: “No, without mistakes it wouldn’t be necessary to improve!”
But, if it was like that…
there go my beloved roaches,
there go, a breakthrough in evolution
with nothing else to improve:
roaching around forever.
But let’s not overreact and show that much pleased with mistakes:
Alas, grateful to thee we are, Saint Mistake from the Mountain! Through thee I’ve found The Way!
That’s pretty unlikely, my dears.
Not too much discouragement towards mistakes, nor worship.

– A grubby man was just here.
– Yeah?
– Quite rough manners, his clothes all muddy.
– Yeah?
– He brought a gold nugget in his hand.

Have we just read midieval?

Or have we just read medieval with an I and not a beautiful story?
Then our mistake as readers is much worse than that misspell.
Entonces es mucho peor nuestro error como lectores que ese error de escritura.


© Luis Pescetti
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© Luis Pescetti

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